Motorcycle--Indulging my mid-life crazies

In April 2004 I got a 1999 model Honda Shadow ACE, VT750.  Having never been on a real motorcycle before its mass kind of freaked me.  The bike and I had some long and heated "discussions" about turning and shifting.  I also found out really fast (unfortunately) that I can lift a 500 lb bike off the ground really easily, given a proper level of embarrassment and the right shot of adrenaline!  But about 1200 miles later, I am calming down and venturing further out and onto the freeways.  Maria's derriere was not happy with the Honda rear seat.  So I changed the seat to a more comfortable, better looking model including a backrest for me and got bigger bags so I could carry something bigger than a candy bar.  Now it is just about right :-) 

It is turning out to be a LOT of fun but I find that about one driver in 50 is out to get me.  Every intersection, driveway and all oncoming traffic turning left has a certain "pucker factor" associated with it!  Daydreaming is definitely out while riding!  My mantra: "I am invisible… I am invisible…". 

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